Seychelles and Cyber Security

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Chief of BSSN (Badan Siber dan sandi Negara) Indonesia Lt.Gen. Hinsa Siburian welcomes His Excellency Mr Nico Barito, Envoy of President Seychelles for ASEAN today at the headquarter of BSSN in Jakarta. 
The visit is to explore cooperation and sharing of experience in the Cyber resilience. Indonesia is one of the fastest growing populations of internet user. Seychelles called for input from Indonesia to anticipate and solve cyber security problems. 
Both Seychelles Envoy and Head of BSSN will further the meeting and identify partnership through research collaboration, capacity building and working groups to enhance cyber diplomacy and socialization at sub-nationals.
BSSN is Indonesia central authority to deal with the changes in digital technology and application. BSSN was creted in 2017 as extension to the long-establised Lembaga Sandi Negara (National Signals Agency)