History And Politics

Seychelles is relatively a young nation. It dates back to 1770 when French first settled in the islands, leading a small party of Whites, Indians and Africans. The islands remained in French hands until it was ceded to Britain under the treaty of Paris in 1814, a humble beginning of Seychelles 3,500 population.

By the year 1825 under the British, Seychelles population grew to 7,000. Important estates were established during this time producing coconut, food crops, cotton and sugar cane. During this period Seychelles also witness the establishment of Victoria as her capital.

Seychelles achieved independence from Britain in 1976 and became a republic within the commonwealth, following a period of single party under the government of Mr. France Albert Rene. President Rene announced a return to the multiparty system and in 1992 held the first multiparty presidential and legislative elections under a new constitution in which President Rene gain the victory. President Rene resigned in favor of his Vice President, Mr. James Alix Michel, who is officially inaugurated as new President of the Republic on the 14 April 2004 and was re-elected in 2006. The National day of Seychelles is June 18.