Indonesia - Africa Centre of Excelence for Family Welfare in Seychelles

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Special Envoy of President Seychelles for ASEAN further a new areas of cooperation between Seychelles and Indonesia

Seychelles has the honor to mark the official opening ceremony of the Inter Ministerial Conference on the South South Triangular Cooperation on the Emerging Population Growth and Development Issues Influencing the 2030 Agenda in Bali on 18 September 2018, with the signing of LoI between the Minister of Family Affairs of Seychelles and its Indonesian counterparts Chair of BKKBN (Indonesian Minister for Population and Family Planing).

The LoI witnessed by UNFPA Regional Director and the Indonesian Minister of Health will focus on Indonesia - Africa Centre of Excellence in Seychelles for technical cooperation, sharing of best experience and capacity building on famlly welfare, elders and youth generation towards the achievement of SDGs goals.